Sunday, January 4, 2015


                                                         AUCTIONS TO WATCH

As I look forward what the 2015 Auction season will bring, I look forward to helping clients navigate and participate in building and or starting a contemporary art and photography collection.  I not only view on line, but also attend those viewings in New York City prior to the auctions for works of interest and to check the condition of the piece or pieces.

Christie's, Sotheby's and Phillips are the 3 main auction houses, however I am always abreast of all auctions worldwide for potential purchases, and to watch for any opportunities and market trends.

Here is the calendar for the major 3 auction houses above, but in particular those in New York City.


2/12 -           Prints and Multiples
2/24 - 2/25   Interiors
3/6 -             First Open
3/27 - 3/28   Photographs


3/5 -             Contemporary Curated
3/31 - 4/1     Photographs


3/3 -             Under the Influence
4/1 - 4/2       Photographs
5/14 - 5/15   Contemporary Art Evening/Contemporary Art Day

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