Sunday, February 24, 2013



Photograpy and its value is continuing its rise and overlap with the broader modern and contemporary art market.

Big museums are also giving much more attention to fine art photography, which is certainly increasing its exposure.  The Metropolitan Museum show Faking It, was an exhibition devoted to the history of manipulated photography before the digital age.  The National Gallery in London show Seduced by Art, was its first major photography exhibition, looking at how past and present photographers employ fine art traditions.  The Tate, as noted in my earlier blog, highlighted the works of William Klein.  The Museum of Fine Art, Boston, paid tribute to Ori Gersht, an up-and-coming Israeli-born photographer, and a favorite in my own collection.

The exposure is boasting demand from collectors: demand that is now global, not just concentrated in the US or Europe.

"We've seen a huge increase in people that want to become serious collectors of photography and get into this market quite deep.  Photography is a language that everyone can understand.

Buying photography is an opportunity to own great art at a lower price.

Great art is great art......whatever the medium.

Images:  Ori Gersht

Saturday, February 16, 2013



A client has recently purchased this wonderful William Klein photograph (Piazza).

A true beauty, a fantastic icon image from a photographer who adorned Vogue fashion magazines and most recently had a retrospective at the Tate Museum in London.

William Klein is a well known photographer and his sought after images are in Museum Collections throughout the world.