Tuesday, November 26, 2013

                                              ART DESIGN TIPS AND REMINDERS

Art lovers understand the importance of keeping their work out of harms way.  Millions are spent 

purchasing fine art each year (ok let us not include the recent Francis Bacon, Jeff Koons, Edvard Munch

and other record setting works).  Let's just consider works more "everyday" people buy to have and 

enjoy.  It is important you protect your fine art from destructive forces both in your office and home.


Most paintings and wall hangings can be cleaned with a light feather duster or cotton T-shirt.


All art, including textiles, photographs and paper should be framed using museum-quality materials

and professional conservation techniques.  Ask potential framers about their conservation procedure

and the materials they use.


Moisture can ruin your fine artwork.  Be careful where you place art.  A small often used bathroom 

and a steamy shower can cause havoc.  Big temperature changes can be damaging over time.


The sunlight streaming through your windows may be enjoyable, but the UV rays that accompany it 

can damage your precious works leading to fading to paintings and photographs and canvases to

possibly warp.

                                 OVERALL: SHOW YOUR ART IN THE "BEST LIGHT"

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

                              THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS UPON US

What a wonderful gift to warm ones heart.  An image that brings back a memory. A photograph that captures a moment in time.  A photograph that simply makes one smile……………..

I am posting just a few "seasonal" images, and as with all my clients and potential clients, we will work together to find the photograph that will make that perfect gift.  A gift that does last forever.

From top:  Arthur Leipzig (Watching Santa),  Harold Roth (Sledding in Central Park),  Andre Kertesz (Washington Square)