Friday, September 7, 2012

                                             A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT

I few months ago I was at a clients house who already had many wonderful pieces of art and casually asked if if the pieces were insured.  Well maybe it wasn't so casual.....His wife happened to have been standing next to us and I saw the look. You know the look.  The look that says no and I have only been mentioning for years that we need to do that.

The collection and since that visit, additions to the collection, warranted an Appraisal for Insurance purposes.  I have since done such an appraisal for approximately 25 pieces and he is now properly insured.

Not only is it important to have art approved for insurance purposes, but also to have art Re-Appraised every couple of years.  The art market and values are constantly changing and has become an investment class of its own.

Please call me if your need any such appraisals.  Art Insurance is vital.

Artist:  Chris Payne

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