Monday, June 3, 2013

Top Prices and a Record Setting Auction

Top Prices and a Record Setting Auction

We are in a new era of the art market as salesrooms overflow with collectors.

How much is a half-billion dollars?  

It's the amount the U.S. government has budgeted to combat climate change in 2013.

It's about how much the Romney campaign raised last year.

It's about how much money was spent during a single night at the Christie's postwar and contemporary sale last month.

$495 Million

Expect to see more milestones with newer artists, prices of artworks in the thousands in the teens and more, as art grows both as a collectible and also as a financial asset.

One of my favorites and a photographer to be coveted and collected...William Klein.

As always...please call me for assistance in starting or adding to your collection.


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